Innovative Solutions: ARCO/Murray and Soil Connect Partnership Achieve Remarkable Savings and Environmental Benefits


Learn how ARCO/Murray joined forces with Soil Connect, a technology enabled construction material broker, to solve a complex earth moving challenge when unexpected complications arose. Leveraging Soil Connect’s advanced technology and extensive network, ARCO/Murray saved over $185k and 130 tons of carbon emissions.

Business Challenge 

A North Texas construction site had 21,000 cubic yards of common fill clay surplus that was unexpected. Initially, the local municipality allowed for stockpiles to be kept onsite for a three-month period, but soon after mandated that material could not be stockpiled onsite, under penalty of fine. The estimated cost to export the surplus soil was $400K (nearly $300/load) with a timeframe of 8-9 weeks to complete. As with any project of this size, keeping an accurate count of dozens of trucks completing multiple trips a day can cause headaches for the contractor and payment delays for the trucking company, and overall makes planning extremely difficult.


ARCO/Murray partnered with Soil Connect to leverage their vast network of contractors, haulers and fill sites to find a home for the soil quickly and effectively. ARCO/Murray also leveraged Soil Connect’s load tracking app, eTickets, for quick and accurate logging of load counts and material totals.  

Soil Connect secured a partnership between ARCO/Murray and a trucking contractor with several local fill sites, without the ARCO/Murray team needing to make a single phone call. On the first day of hauling, Soil Connectsecured additional trucks to increase the daily load total from 50-60 loads to 130 total loads removed, reducing the hauling duration by 2 days. Soil Connect’s load tracking app, eTickets, allowed real-time verification and invoicing of each load resulting in additional savings of both time and money for ARCO/Murray and the trucking company. The clay was placed at a series of nearby free fill sites that were closer to the job site than initially expected, resulting in a faster turnaround and more trips per truck each day. Even more exciting, the environmental impact was extraordinary. Soil Connect saved ARCO/Murray more than 58,000 miles of truck travel and reduced CO2 emissions by 130.2 tons on this single project.


The municipality was satisfied with the material removal, no fines were imposed for onsite stockpiling, the client was thrilled with the project timeline, the trucking company received expedited payment because of eTickets, the project’s environmental impact was dramatically reduced, and ARCO/Murray saved money on the material export. Soil Connect’s combination of Network + Technology, combined with ARCO/Murray’s innovative approach to site work, created a winning combination!

Benefits Achieved 

  • Cost reduction: $180,000+ 
  • Average savings per load: $115 per load 
  • Job site time savings/Contractor time savings: 3 weeks 
  • Contractor administrative savings with eTickets: 134.5 hours  
  • Green Impact : 130.2 Tons of CO2 emissions reduction 

Soil Connect is a total Soil Management Solution, changing the dirt world, making it quicker, faster and cheaper to resource, move and track your dirt. Save money, save time, save the environment!