Soil Connect is the leading tech-enabled dirt brokerage and soil management services company.

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About Us

Launched in 2019, Soil Connect is focused on helping construction professionals solve dirt-related problems while saving money by making closer connections between those who have dirt and those who need it.

On average, Soil Connect customers save 34% on their dirt and dirt hauling budgets! By creating transparency into the marketplace, leveraging match-making algorithms that create closer connections, and having an extensive dirt network, Soil Connect professionals can save you money and make sure you pay a fair market price for your dirt needs.

Dirt Marketplace

  • Search & request available dirt near you!
  • Find contractors who need your dirt on their jobsite!
  • Let our team make closer connections for you that meet your material, testing and timing needs!

Dirt Hauling

  • Get connected with the Soil Connect trusted network of Brokers and Haulers!
  • Track loads of dirt coming to and from your project to measure volume & velocity!
  • Make sure you have enough trucks to get the job done on time!

Dirt Reporting

  • The ultimate Production Check for your dirt import/export!
  • Proactively manage your schedule by seeing progress across your job site!
  • Overlay drone topographical survey data with dirt hauling data!